Car Salvage Governing Bodies

British Vehicle Salvage Federation.
What is the BVSF?

It is the representative body of the vehicle salvage industry. Set up on 1st July 1998, its members represent approximately 85% of the vehicle salvage business in the UK

What are the BVSF objectives?

To represent the common interests of independent salvage companies in negotiations with Insurers, Government, European Commission, Police and any other interested parties.

To regulate the salvage industry by ensuring compliance by its members with all legislation relevant to their business and with the provisions of the Code of Practice for handling vehicle salvage.

The BVSF, by enforcing its Rules and Regulations helps to raise the status and standing of its members and assists in regulating the vehicle salvage market for the benefit of all who use its services.


National Salvage Group.
What is the NSG?

The National Salvage Group (NSG) is more than a highly effective interface between insurance companies and the vehicle salvage industry.

Committed to environmentally friendly recycling techniques and eradicating vehicle crime, NSG's 50+ leading edge salvage specialists process some 100,000 cars and light commercials each year.

NSG provides extremely efficient vehicle salvage solutions right across the country. Our totally computerised network ensures salvage work is carried out by the nearest NSG member company.

The result? Prompt, cost-effective recovery.
The benefits? Simplified administration and the knowledge that you are dealing with a longstanding organisation renowned for its integrity and high standards of service.

For organisations that require total salvage control, NSG is the total salvage solution.

Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association..
About Us
John Allen - Chairman The MVDA is the trade association representing the interests of vehicle dismantlers and their customers throughout the UK.

Aims & Objectives
To ensure the efficient collection and dismantling of ELV's (end of life vehicles) into reusable auto parts and other secondary materials for use in their appropriate recycling chains.

To co-ordinate and co-operate with all organisations involved in vehicle production and dismantling to minimise environmental impact and maximise recycling efficiency.

To maintain and improve best practice through the Association's Code of Conduct and Practice.

To ensure the most effective form of recycling and re-use, thereby supplying guaranteed, economically priced used auto parts.

To promote safety awareness throughout the industry in respect of members' facilities and the consistent performance of recycled components.

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